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Which of these is your biggest challenge to being authentic in your life?

  • I feel like who I am either isn't good enough, or doesn't matter
  • I feel like an imposter at work and in relationships
  • I'm not doing what I want to be doing
  • I can’t find a purpose inside of me
  • I avoid confrontation and conflict
  • I’m afraid of being judged or rejected
  • I struggle to build true intimate relationships
  • I am hugely co-dependent
  • No matter what I do, I can't seem to overcome certain things

What if in one-year's time, you could move beyond these limits and genuinely live your fulfilling life with confidence?

This is exactly what others
just like you have discovered--How to live authentically with deep confidence and self-acceptance

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Are you ready to create a revolution in your life?

Are you ready to be Who you truly are?

You can't LIVE your truly authentic life
until you
who you are.

Inside every one of us is a True North: an inner 'directional' pointing us to who we really are.

But as you know, we all struggle. Our past, our experiences, our fears and self-doubts, our mistakes, our validation patterns, our procrastination... all block us in negative and unconscious ways.

YOU: Core Self-Discovery wakes you up! We teach you to identify your True North inside, to trust it, and to change your life to fit who you authentically are.

  • Learn radical self-acceptance so you can create and achieve what you know inside you are meant to do
  • Create trusting and whole-hearted relationships--starting with yourself
  • Transform what is ready to change inside of you--and move forward any area of your life that is "stuck"

"We are all doing this self help... but most of us don't know who this 'Self' is that we're trying to help!

Our lack of truly knowing who we are--and accepting who we are--is the single biggest challenge in our lives. Everything else follows from this."  

This Core Self Discovery program teaches us to see ourselves,
and to trust ourselves.
Radical Self-Acceptance is our inevitable result!

12 months to live more authentically than you ever have in your life

YOU: Core Self Discovery is a powerful
12-month systematic framework, in a life-changing group setting,
leading you to see yourself, to trust yourself, and to take the reigns of your life.

Self-awareness &
self-actualization will get you out of being stuck, and will align your life with the Vision that already lives inside you.

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"I began my work with Carmell less than a year ago and have experienced full transformation. Carmell has patiently and intuitively guided me through challenges in my personal and professional life. 

Getting clearer on my heart's purpose has allowed me to move forward with direction in my life, as I was able to discover my Why. I launched my own business in January and had the opportunity to speak at a local wellness summit five months later. My continual work with Carmell has allowed me to fast track my business and to see success and growth within six months.

There is no one quite like Carmell. Her ability to see the bigger picture when I was feeling defeated provided me with the confidence I needed to move forward. She has the ability to listen from the heart and to provide transformation free from ego. Carmell met me exactly where I was, while also seeing just how far I could go and for that I am forever grateful."

~ Amanda Strojny

This is not just an online group program...
You are participating in a complete,
self-actualization experience.

What is included?

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Return to the Power of YOU

Face your uncertainty.

You have hidden resilience.

Set healthy boundaries for yourself.

Cultivate your joy now, not later.

Explore how every part of your life has meaning. 

Make brilliant relationships.

Cause your Big Dreams to happen. On your terms. 

Instability is not our enemy...

Your sense of PEACE doesn’t come from the world being stable - your sense of PEACE comes from trusting yourself.

The "YOU" Core Self Discovery Framework

SERIES ONE: Unmasking the Self
We begin by uncovering Core Values & Principles, discovering who you are in a dating profile, establishing your Rules for Loving Yourself, and Choosing Your Life. All this is to begin 'unmasking' who you are under all the layers of life.
Live sessions once per week during the first five weeks 

Program Break 

SERIES TWO: The Rebel Self
Who is your Rebel Self? It's not what you might suspect. But this part inside each of us is the most direct access to our core truth--to what matters and what doesn't, to what we must pay attention to, and to cut through the bullshit and make the right decisions for ourselves. Add to that a deep dive into your Ego self, your Saboteur, your Victim, your Child and even your 'Prostitute'--all important parts of learning who we are so that we can live authentically.
Live sessions once per week during the next four weeks

Program Break

SERIES THREE: Trusting in Self
Trust is the most important factor in all our consciousness work. It is core to our relationships, to our livelihoods, to our living lives of meaning and purpose. Yet it is the least understood and lived. CSD teaches trust and trustworthiness on a transformational level. You will change your life from this Trust Work, I promise.
Live sessions every week during the next six weeks.

Program Break

SERIES FOUR: Anchoring the Self
We dive straight into Emotional Blackmail--fear, obligation, guilt and shame. Learning to see these in yourself, in others, and in how you interact in life will lead you to abolish Emotional Blackmail in your life and free you in the most profound ways. Anchoring who we are inside is about our Radical Self-Responsibility, Radical Accountability, and Consequences, as well as seeing and calling out our Ego Motives, and Validation Patterns... WHEW!
Live sessions every other week during the next four weeks.

Program Break

SERIES FIVE: The Sovereign Self
We've set the stage through all our work up to this point, to take on our real power inside. The work of our sovereignty is how we come to be the authority in our own lives--to be trustworthy with ourselves and to begin managing our ego and validation patterns in ways that bring us to greater self-sufficiency and self-actualization. As we begin
to be the changes in life that we want to see... our life itself changes.
Live sessions once each week for the next five weeks.

Program Break

SERIES SIX: Radical Self-Acceptance
We come full circle in our journey. From the vantage point of our work in Series Six, we see--and radically accept--who we are with compassion, trust and authority. Each person meets this full circle in their own perfect way. Self-acceptance is unique in how each of us know and live it... but the core of it is always the same. We are more free, more loving of who we are, and more conscious of our authority inside. We live according to our trust and not our fear. We choose our life exactly as it is now.
Live sessions once each week for the next five weeks.

About your Host

Master coach, LifeArtist, speaker, and author, Carmell Clark has worked with thousands of people over the past 20 years - influencing personal and professional transformation and behavioral change. She mentors thought leaders, global change agents, influencers and entrepreneurs. Carmell has the uncanny ability to bring you to a clarity on the deepest level of your being--    

We call it Genius Expressed.      

YOU: Core Self Discovery is her Level One Flagship Program. It follows the method laid out in her soon-to-be-published book "The Transformation Effect". She skillfully leads groups through her signature method for self-actualization, developed over the past two decades.

Carmell is a skilled storyteller, international speaker, world traveler, and leadership mentor. Her passion is for the study and raising of consciousness, for critical inquiry and conflict resolution, and working with the paradox of power and control in human behavior.       

Carmell previously left the corporate world in the 90s. Acquiring an interdisciplinary background in Philosophy and Social Theory, she sold her 20-year wellness center to launch her current company in 2012. The Center for Transformational Influence serves to build self-awareness and consciousness across the planet. Through developing us individually to build relationships of true connection, we are able to establish trust with ourselves and to extend trust into the divides currently shackling our world as the means to transform them.

Carmell designed the programs available through CTI to build inner discernment in leaders and participators alike, a pre-requisite for each individual to own their own authority. Our goal is the transformation of individuals living each day consciously from purpose with clarity and self-actualized leadership.

The Center for Transformational Influence is the vehicle to move this work internationally as well as create Location Independence. Carmell lives and travels globally, leading international women's adventures in Italy, India, and Bali as well as weekend transformational retreats in the United States.