Begins the week of June 6, 2021

The Level II Program to become a Certified Leader, Trainer or Coach in the
practice and facilitation of the
Core Self Discovery work.

"Effective leadership and long-term INFLUENCE require being vulnerable.  Not in order to do the work of leading, but in order to build the requisite TRUST."

Our work is to help every single person within our scope of influence to rediscover their True North: the inner directional pointing each of us
to our purpose.

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This Level II program certifies your integration and fluency in the Core Self Discovery work which qualifies you to facilitate others in the work of the Core Self.

Level II is the pre-requisite for acceptance into the Transformational Influence Training, preparing you to lead, train, speak, & coach others through the Transformational Influence Method.

  • For those in all positions of leadership and authority
  • For Coaches, Speakers, Trainers
  • For those completing the Level I Core Self Discovery work who want to integrate what they've learned and instigate a major life change.

Core Self Discovery Certification

A 10-month program to develop the tools, techniques,
practices, and crucial mindsets to work with
individuals, teams, and organizations in establishing
clear foundations in self awareness, and facilitating
the Framework for their Life & Vision

Inaugural Pricing Special
Only $5500
or 12 payments of $500

(Valued at $10,000)

Core Self Discovery is the most comprehensive self-awareness program available, based on foundational principles that bring you to
truth, to trustworthiness in yourself,
and to
radical self-acceptance.

Your Certification Process Includes:

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The "YOU Certification" Framework

SERIES ONE: The Unmasked Self
Live sessions once per week during the first five weeks. Building on the work from Level I CSD: Self-Acceptance Review, 1-year Vision, Perfect Self-Expression, Reconciliation (belief system, life, giving yourself credit),
Rules for Loving Myself [next level].

Series I Certification

Program Break

SERIES TWO: The Rebel Way
Live sessions once per week during the next five weeks. Working deeply with the Shadow Self, the 4 survivor archetypes, the Ego Self from the Sovereign Self position. Learning the unique way of your own Rebel Self, and applying it to your Vision.

Series II Certification

Program Break

SERIES THREE: The Trustworthy Self
Live meetings every other week during the next six weeks. Integrative practice of trust work with the self, re-evaluation of Lies & Truths, the levels of Intimacy vs. Control. Special session: the Addict Archetype in Our Lives.

Series III Certification

Program Break

SERIES FOUR: The Enlightened Self
Live meetings every other week during the next five weeks. Vetting your motives in relation to your Core Principles and Values, discerning others' motives--behaviors tell the truth, discerning your own bullshit, forming strong fail-safes for your primary validation patterns.

Series VI Certification

Program Break

SERIES FIVE: The Sovereign Self II
Live meetings once each week for the next five weeks. Continuing instruction into the Sovereign Self. Relationship authority evaluations. Attachment styles, intimacy and the Sovereign Self. Wisdom: the
Middle Way of the sovereign path and our influence with others.

Series V Certification

Program Break

SERIES SIX: Purpose & Influence in Self-Acceptance
Live meetings once each week for the next four weeks. Working earnestly into your purpose arising from your passion. Mapping your past influence and its patterns. Discovering the cartography of your future influence through your purpose and vision. Full circle.

Series VI Certification

Project submission, self-assessment, practicum, interview.

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About the Center and it's Founder

The Center for Transformational Influence serves to build self-awareness and consciousness across the planet. Through developing us individually to build relationships of true connection, we are able to establish trust with ourselves and to extend trust into the divides currently shackling our world as the means to transform them.

Carmell Clark founded CTI and designed the programs to build inner discernment in leaders and participators alike, a pre-requisite for each individual to own their own authority. Our goal is the transformation of individuals living each day consciously from purpose with clarity and self-actualized leadership.

YOU: Core Self Discovery is the Center's Level One Flagship Program. It follows the method laid out in her soon-to-be-published book "The Transformation Effect". She skillfully leads groups through her signature method for self-actualization, developed over the past two decades.

The Transformational Academy Certification Program for Core Self Discovery is the Center's Level Two Program.

A master transformational coach, speaker, and author, Carmell Clark has worked with thousands of people over the past 20 years - influencing personal and professional transformation and behavioral change. She mentors thought leaders, global change agents, influencers and entrepreneurs. Carmell has the uncanny ability to bring you to a clarity on the deepest level of your being--    

We call it Genius Expressed.      

Carmell is a skilled storyteller, international speaker, world traveler, and leadership mentor. Her passion is for the study and raising of consciousness, for critical inquiry and conflict resolution, and working with the paradox of power and control in human behavior.       

Carmell previously left the corporate world in the 90s. Acquiring an interdisciplinary background in Philosophy and Social Theory, she sold her 20-year wellness center to launch CTI in 2012.